Seen Inception? Fancy owning the spinning top totem?

We sell a beautiful reproduction of Cobb’s spinning-top Totem from the film Inception. This is an iconic piece of film memorabilia that YOU can own!

Made from quality pewter alloy, these tops are 3cm wide and 3cm tall and weigh about 28 grams. These tops DO NOT have any inscription or writing on them, making them far more authentic as the spinning top used in the film compared to promo tops or tops machined from stainless steel.

If you want a beautifully made replica of the top Leonardo DiCaprio used onscreen, this is the one to buy!

Enjoy the satisfaction of twisting the little spinning top totem between your fingers and watching it spin and spin. We include for you a luxury black velvet bag and an accompanying set of instructions with ideas for how to best use your spinning top totem, games you can play with it, which surfaces work best, etc.

How long can you spin it for?  Just hope it eventually stops.  Otherwise you may be dreaming!

In the United States, these are selling for a lot of money, over $100!  Luckily for you, we are selling the exact same item far more cheaply, just £5.99 + P&P, (reduced from £15) delivered to your door.

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